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Artist statement
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In meiner künstlerischen Arbeit beschäftige ich mich mit den Möglichkeiten und Grenzen die die Malerei als Medium bieten kann, um unsere Umwelt und deren Zusammenhänge abzubilden. Ich möchte das unmalbare malen. Landschaften erscheinen als Pinselstriche, Stoffmuster als abstrakte Gemälde, viele Punkte verschmelzen zu einem figurativen Bild.

Fragen zu Inhalt und Medium, zum Raum der Illusion und der Oberfläche werden neu verhandelt. Sie werden nicht als theoretische Fragen hinterfragt, sondern mit viel
Freude am Spiel und dem Legen falscher Fährten .
Ich benutze Kissenbezüge als Bildträger, Schimmel-pilzflecken werden zu Gemälden. Oder ich male viele kleine Stühle, speziell dafür habe ich vorher ein modell gebaut.

Sie befinden sich in einem imaginären Raum, der nur dreidimensional aussieht.
aber markiert an einigen Stellen, dass es zurück in die Oberfläche kippt, die Stühle existieren nicht in
Raum. Dieses ärgerliche Spiel zwischen Flachheit und Raum, zwischen Detail und Gesamtansicht und
zwischen kleinen Dingen, die auf der Leinwand sehr groß erscheinen, zeigt, dass ich Malerei als eine verstehe
Möglichkeit, die modellierte Realität wieder aufzubauen und neu zu erschaffen, in die Sprache der Malerei umzuwandeln.



In my artistic work I am dealing with the possibilities and borders of painting. I love to paint the unseeable, unpaintable. Landscapes appear as brushstrokes, fabric patterns as abstract paintings, many points merge into a figurative picture. The questions about content and medium, about the space of illusion and
the surface are renegotiated. They are not questioned as theoretical questions, but rather with much
joy of playing and laying out wrongly tracks.
I use pillowcases as picture carriers, mould stains become paintings. Or I paint many small chairs,
specially for this I built a model before. You are in an imaginary room that only looks threedimensional,
but marks in some places that it tilts back into the surface, the chairs do not exist in
space. This vexatious game between flatness and space, between detail and general view and
between small things that appear on the canvas very big, shows that I understand painting as a
possibility to rebuild modelled reality, and to recreate, to

change it into the language of painting. 

About the paintings

I am using painting as a possibilty to create narrations and irritations. 

I am not describing a single topic for my works it feels more like all around it. It is more that they happen to me. Sometime figurative elements appear and somestimes not. I am using all kind of colour. All of them have a kind of personal story and a starting point.  

I let everything that I met visually float into them. It can be inspired by mass media images, photographs, texts, philosophical and or psychological impacts that i am meeting in everydaylife. I am transforming those things into a visual language and while I am painting them they themselves want things from me, to been changed and want me to pull them in the direction they want to be. I don't see every painting as a nessecary thing, but all of them together form a community or society that I call the Welttheater. If someone of them is put out of the context of the other ones, it will be seen totally different and will confront the viewer with his personal system of categorisation. It is a if you move to a new city without knowing someone. There you can be whatever you want without any before made things. The people that you meet will not look at you like you were used to by your former friends and encounters. Everytime you meet someone new you slip into a total new skin. But your personal gravings that are written on your body, in your mind, culture and experience will always follow. Each person has its own signature and together we built the world.      

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