Exhibiting my work

When it comes to exhibit my work I am playing with the circumstances of the space I am showing my work. Objects, space, bemerkter und dann kontrollierter Zufall and people form my work in those cases. It becaomes something I gave the starting point and took its own direction.  In the recent years I widened out my interest of the connection between space and painting byconstructing installations. The three-dimensional space is used as well to unfold two-dimensionalpainting for example in the work "Flexible Moments of Life" (2016) or "I love you, Polke" (2012).The game between patterned surfaces, consciously decorative abstraction and humoristic figurativeelements includes more and more textiles and their patterns, like art and crafts of everyday life. Incomparison to the Russian Constructivists that still had textile drafts as the task of their art, thealready patterned textiles that I am using undermine and subvert the great claim of painting.